Barbera d'Alba

The 2015 vintage was a really good vintage, followed by the 2014 (which
was really rainy), it was a hot vintage but different from the Others
since the vineyards didn’t suffer the heat of the summer: because of
the rains of the previous year stored in the soil, which permitted  a
full ripening of the fruits without hydric stress.

The Barbera is a wine that is commonly known because of its acidity,
that’s why we stored it in wood for a short period of time (6 months)
in order to round it and to give the wine more structure with the wood
tannins (the Barbera grape doesn’t have tannins on its own).

The result is a wine that has deep blackberries perfumes and a “fat”
and full-bodied taste helped by the presence of the wood tannins, that
works as a “skeleton” for the wine keeping up the structure and
allowing it to be stored in bottles for a modest amount of time.