Carlo Revello & Figli

Carlo Revello & Figli is a small Winery situated in the heart of Langhe, Piemonte (La Morra), and carried on as a family business by Carlo and his son.

Carlo has over 30 years of experience as a winemaker and he always
followed every step of the production of wine, while Erik has graduated
in 2015 at the Oenological school in Alba and has started working with
his father since then.

They don’t use super-long maceration times in order to extract the
freshness and the fruitness of what the grape has to offer, and they use
vertical fermentators with pumping over systems to help this elegant

As for the ageing they are moving towards using more and more big casks
of Slavonian Oak and less barriques (this doesn’t mean that we will
not use barriques anymore, just less) to keep more the original flavor
of the grape while rounding the wine’s acidity.

Their philosophy doesn’t really match with the “modernist” or
“traditionalist” winemaking style as they are making their products
with their idea of what they want to drink and how the wine should taste
to them, so it is more of a contemporary (because the ideas might change
in the future, so for now it is like this, but for Tomorrow… who
knows?)  and personal style of winemaking.

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