Morgon Domaine - Beaujolais

The Morgon Domaine de Leyre-Loup is of a deep garnet-red color. The nose is very fruity with a blend of plum and cherry and for some vintages black current or raspberry, together with a hint of mineral aroma. Every other year, subtle hints of chocolate and spices enrich the bouquet. The palate is fine and fruity, with light mouthfilling tannins. The wine is well balanced, long with a fairly spicy finish typical of our Domaine.

Over the years, the fruity Beaujolais aromas tend to slowly soften down, only to be replaced by more complex and Burgundy-typed flavours. The bouquet gains in variety as the colour shifts to a warmer tone of brick or tile. Mellow tannins accompany a deeper, stronger palate. Quite powerful, the wine keeps a fine balance to reach maturity between five and ten years, and up to fifteen years for the Réserve Louis Leyre-Loup.