Langhe Nascetta DOC

La Tribuleira’s Langhe Nascetta is straw yellow in colour with golden highlights. The nose is fine and elegant with just the right intensity. It exudes complex, lingering scents of wild flowers and herbs, of citrus and exotic fruits. The bouquet suggests acacia honey, sage and rosemary. Its pleasant, warm and balanced structure makes it ideal as an accompaniment to vegetable dishes, white meats, fish and cream cheeses.

Serve the Langhe Nascetta cold – 8-10°C. We recommend the wine to Mediterranean fish, pasta, white meet, and fresh cheese or just as an aperitif.

Nascetta was already mentioned in the wine growing chronicles of the second half of the nineteenth century and emerges as a typical white wine with Mediterranean origins, whose palate reminds us of the great vintages of warmer climates, like Vermentino (studies have traced it back to this variety). Nascetta is a coming wine that gains recognition these years and more and more producers are taking it up. There are still only produced less than 50.000 bottles per year.

  • Grape variety: 100% Nascetta
  • Viticulture area: 6500 m2 southwest exposed vineyard in San Maurizio, Santo Stefano Belbo
  • Soil: Calcareous-marl
  • Vineyard altitude: 250 m above sea level
  • Pruning: Guyot
  • Harvest & vinification: Nascetta is usually harvested during the first two weeks of September. After a short period of maceration on skins, the grapes are soft pressed. The clear juice obtained ferments slowly at a controlled temperature before it is completed and bottled in the late spring the year after.